All individuals eighteen (18) years of age and older living within the boundaries of the Leeway community or owning real property therein are de facto members of the Association. Other individuals and local businesses and organizations may be admitted to membership on proper application to the Executive Committee or the general membership. Members may vote on any matter properly coming before the Association. The annual payment of dues, in an amount established by the Executive Committee or the general membership, is encouraged from all Leeway Overlee members, but is not a prerequisite for voting on Association matters. However, dues-paying members may enjoy certain benefits not extended to other members of the Leeway Overlee area, such as special notification of matters deemed by the Executive Committee to be of interest to the community.

Annual Membership Dues: $10 individual, $20 family

100% of your dues helps cover the cost of this website, publication of the Leeway Overlee Leader, administrative costs, and neighborhood events.