Searching Minutes Documents

To search the archive of minutes documents:

  • Unfortunately, because we are not using GSuite, searching in public Google Drive folders is not straightforward, but it is possible.

  • First, you must be using a desktop/laptop browser (i.e., will not work on a smartphone with Google Drive app installed)

  • Next, in order for Google Drive to be able to search another account's public folders, you have to have viewed the files from your own account. To do this:

    • In your own Google Drive Account, open the Leeway Overlee Minutes Folder

    • Open each of the year subfolders that you want to search, and open then close the PDF files stored within

      • This action will index the document in your personal Google Drive search index

      • This is tedious, but you only need to do this once. The document will be searchable in the future without having to open/close it again. If new documents are added, you will have to view them in order to search them.

  • Select this search link: LOCA Minutes Search

    • Note that this link is a "Search in Folder" link. The default list of documents shown represents the documents that are searchable. If you don't see a document in this list, follow the steps above to open/close it to add it to the search index.

  • At the top of the page type your search terms in the "Search in Drive" text area